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Celebrate Capitalism Appreciation Day

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 | By Taskmaster

Earlier today, Old Taskmaster came across website listing commemoration days.


Generally, if it’s dangerous, delicious, delightful, disgusting or a disease, someone somewhere at some time has dedicated a day (perhaps a week, a month or even a year) in its honour at some time or another.


Some are for worthy causes while others, well, not so much. Play your Ukelele Day? Roast Leg of Lamb Day? Houseplant Appreciation Day? Really?!


Well, if in this days and age even houseplants are worthy of appreciation and roast legs of lamb qualify for an awareness day, why not have a national day honouring the important role start-up entrepreneurs play in our community?


In this country, there is unfortunately no shortage of politicians and critics willing to vilify the system. Others are content to ignore the essential role start-ups and small businesses play in our national economy.


Where’s the love for the new innovations coming out of tech start-ups? The valuable community services provided by Australian social enterprises? The consumer choice provided by soloists tackling big monopolies? The mumpreneurs and home-based business owners who literally create whole new product categories and industries from their attics?


These things are surely worthy of a day of commemoration – especially in the lead up to a federal election!


Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s now official. Old Taskmaster declares Friday May 3rd is now Capitalism Appreciation Day: The day Australia says thanks to its small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Old Taskmaster believes this is a concept Australia’s leading conservative bloggers – from Andrew Bolt to Michael Smith – should easily be able to get behind. Surely, for example, it’s a concept that will give Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog some paws for thought.


So are you self-employed? Do you enjoy the fact that you can have your own destiny in your hands as entrepreneur? Or the product choices a market economy gives you?


If so, it’s time to hit those social media accounts! Spread the word far and near – Capitalism Appreciation Day is nearly here!


Get it done – today!