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Get involved in your company’s social media campaign

Monday, 29 November 2010 | By The Taskmaster

The Taskmaster on social mediaIt’s one of the great truths of customer service – customers love talking to the boss. No one sells better than the boss, no one builds relationships like the boss and no one solves customer problems like the boss.


And yet I’ve noticed that many bosses are reluctant to get personally involved in the social media strategy of their business. They will dedicate resources to social media, but quite often they’ll leave the actual Facebook updates and Twitter posts to someone else.


But while social media can be time consuming, your customers are likely to react really positively to seeing the owner of the company get involved. It helps put a face and a personality to the business that customers love.


If you feel you can’t commit to monitoring social media on a 24 hour a basis, that’s okay. Just one post a day (or even better, one response to a customer’s post) is a good start.


Alternatively, you could advertise the fact that you’ll be online on social media for one particular hour a week – ready, willing and able to accept comments, questions and criticism.


Get it done – today!