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Start-up Australia: The movement that’s looking to revamp a nation

Tuesday, 19 March | By Mick Liubinskas

The Australian technology industry faces unprecedented opportunity. It can be economy driving, child inspiring, job creating, life improving and world leading, Will we come together to make it happen?


Seven years ago 17 people turned up to a dinner for startups. There were more people around, but not many and not many startups, not many events, not much going on.


Since then, a group of people have invested significant time, money and energy forming a foundation of the industry and creating the momentum we have today. We have almost daily events, hundreds of startups, thousands of people, and millions being invested. That’s something to be proud, and something to build on.


It’s time to step up our game.


On March 13 and 14 of 2013, about 50 people came together in Sydney to work out where we can go and how do we get there. It was maybe 10% of the leaders of the industry but true to the startup principles, you can’t wait for everything to be in order before starting – just start.


The goal was wonderfully ambitious:


  • Create 20% of Australia’s GDP by 2033.


The steps to get there equally audacious:


  • Create a nation of coders.
  • Create a system of education and sharing startup information and tools.
  • Create a coordinated group


It’s that last one which is key for me. All people in the room have full time jobs/startups and for us to have any chance of getting the goals we need some serious strength. They need to pull everyone together, hold it together for 2 years, drive it forward and be the lightning rod of advocacy with media, government and corporate. My view is that it needs a full time team of a leader and a coordinator.


I’m prepared to support this with time, money and commitment to make sure we have the best chance of making this happen.


What can you do?


  • Use the hashtag #startupAUS when talking about the industry. 
  • Commit to it and support it when the time comes.
  • Get involved in changing the national curriculum to support more engineers.