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Sync folders with Google Drive

By Patrick Stafford
Monday, 30 April 2012

tech-tricksIf you’ve been using Google Drive already then you probably know your way around the program.


But if you don’t, there’s a simple way to sync some folders with the drive automatically.


To sync folders, right-click on the Google Drive icon, then click on “preferences”.


There, you should see the “Sync options” menu. To sync folders, click on the “only sync some folders” option. Keep in mind that files in Google Drive that are not in a folder will always sync.


On that same page, you can also hit the option to sync your Google Docs files.

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This is not as simple as it seems. While I've had access to 5gB of document storage for some time now through Google Docs, I don't seem to be able to download the client software. I get a message "Your Google Drive is not ready yet". Well... I may or may not come back to that. My cloud storage requirements are being met more than adequately at the moment through other very functional and proven cloud providers.

However, when you drill down, you'll find Google's launch of Gdrive is really more to do with wooing users away from Microsoft Office. Gdrive is now an integral part of Google Docs, and while Gdocs is nowhere near as functional as MS Office, it does serve a very nice niche. Google's intent here is to get users to create and share documents within 'their' virtual office and while this can work okay, there are many limitations. Also, as Gdrive is really designed to function as a part of Gdocs... in the cloud, it will have limited functionality providing a proper syncing service with your PC.

Another issue I have with Google Drive is their permissions. By signing up to Gdrive you are specifically allowing Google access to your documents and pictures, and while they say this is simply so they can provide a better service to you through highly functional search capabilities (including OCR) enabling you to find information from your own files etc, Google will also be accessing your information to learn more about you so they will be better able to target advertising specifically at you. This was an issue with their Gmail which many users took offense to. Other concerns have also been raised in recent times regarding Google's management of its user's privacy. The real issue is that Google is not totally transparent when it comes to user privacy.

I like Google. Its a great search engine and they've had some fantastic services over the years, but I think there is a line in the sand which many are now starting to draw. It seems to me that Google are more intent these days on leveraging their profitability off the personal and private data of its users. There's a pattern emerging here that we see often in nature. A pattern of symbiotic relationships (often one-sided) where a dominant organism will dispense a sugary substance (5gB free storage) to attract submissive 'users' for their own means. There's also another side to the Google equation. Another symbiotic relationship in a vast sea of information and user interaction, where advertisers increasingly rely on Google for advertising placement. Its a win win for the commercial players but depending on how you look at it, maybe not so for the 'user'. Is our privacy and civil liberty being eroded? Some governments are already monitoring private electronic communication in the name of security. Do we now allow commercial interests to snoop and process our personal data for profit in the name of free enterprise?

There are many very functional cloud file syncing services available which offer free storage, greater transparency and more privacy. Do we really need another one (that in reality, appears to be having trouble getting a foothold)? I've looked at a number of cloud store/sync services and they all have their own features. Some work better than others, depending what your needs are. A couple I've settled on which work really well are EverNote (highly functional and very useful) and my favourite, SugarSync. You can check it out here...
Nigel Smith , April 30, 2012
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Seems like Google drive is nothing but a new version of Google docs. But as a matter of fact most of us never realized the actual problems faced while using Google docs, Problems with sharing cell level spreadsheet date or with the transient data. Hence I guess GDrive must come with solution to all these types of problems. I also feel tools such as CollateBox could be an handy alternative for such . Have a look at these.
Tazz , May 03, 2012
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