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Take a peek at Android’s secret hidden screensaver

Friday, 19 July 2013 | By Andrew Sadauskas

This article first appeared on October 25th, 2012.


If you have a new Android smartphone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, there’s a good chance it runs a version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich. What you might not realise is that there’s a secret screensaver hidden on your smartphone.


To find it, pull up the settings menu on your phone, and tap on “About phone”.


On the “About phone screen”, quickly tap your screen about five or six times in a row where it says “version number”. A picture of the Android mascot should appear, wearing an ice cream sandwich.


Finally, press and hold your finger down on this Android mascot. It will expand three or four times to completely fill the screen, before revealing the secret screensaver.