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Tell your Anzac Day story

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 | By Taskmaster

As long-time Taskmaster readers will know, 2013 is the year of blogging and building brand awareness. Old Taskmaster hopes you’re updating the blog you set up earlier this year, and aren’t just letting it gather dust online.


As for newer Taskmaster readers, go and set up a blog right now!


Anyway, one of the best things about great business blogging is that it can bring a human dimension to your business.


One of the big advantages start-ups have over their big multinational rivals is that a lot of people would rather deal with a human being, rather than a faceless corporation.


Blogs give your customers a means by which they can follow your business journey, putting a face, a narrative and a name to your business.


They are also a great way to broaden and deepen your brand by discussing subjects you otherwise wouldn’t.


For example, unless you’re a major multinational, you probably wouldn’t take out a full-page ad to commemorate a public holiday. Yet it’s great fodder for a business blog.


So do you have an Anzac Day story? Perhaps your grandfather fought in World War 2? Or perhaps you want to share some solemn thoughts about those who sacrificed their lives for the country you love? Or perhaps a few words in gratitude for the men and women who served Australia?


If so, why not type up a blog post, share those thoughts, and show the world and your customers you are an entrepreneur with a soul, rather than a soulless multinational money-making machine.


Get it done – today.