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The five apps a business owner should swear by

Friday, 4 April 2014 | By Alexandra Tselios

Running a business in this day and age requires you to have superior organisational skills and be able to juggle a number of tasks throughout the day. It’s something I’d struggle to do without the help of these five apps.




Waking up on a Monday morning, I usually have a fairly daunting week ahead of me, so planning is absolutely crucial and managing my day to ensure productivity is paramount. I like to use Vesper, which saves me around 30 minutes a day of panic time trying to scroll through my notes and thoughts. It allows me to prioritise, remember to return calls or emails and also helps me have a tangible track record as I can archive the notes, which is incredibly satisfying by the end of a long day.




I really could not live without my Dropbox app. I love knowing I can access all my files in an instant and email them if required. It also allows me to be in sync with other staff, so all our documents and article schedules are up to date.


City Maps 2go


Most business owners are always on the go and require the flexibility and latitude to plan their day easily and succinctly. For travelling, I only ever use City Maps 2go! This fabulous little app allows me to fill it with the maps of the city and countries I may visit and I don’t even need to be online in that destination to access the maps once they are loaded! This saves huge data plan costs.


Another great aspect of this app is the ability to set pins. So for example, I may wander around the city and get lost, but the pin you have placed via the app will allow you to easily return to the destination you need to be.


Flight Update Pro


Another vital travel app is the time saving Flight Update Pro. Once I upload my itinerary, this app will notify me if a flight has changed before the airline even updates its own flight schedule board! This gives me the heads up to confirm the delay directly with the airline before a huge influx of passengers start trying to change their flights.




It is far too easy to lose receipts and track of the money spent on your business so I use Expensify. This little app saves me time by recording all expense details as well as scanning the receipt. It makes end of the month reconciliation far less time consuming and is also a good tool to give you a snapshot of how funds are being spent.


Written by Alexandra Tselios, business consultant and publisher of The Big Smoke, Australia’s newest opinion site.