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Tinder-meets-LinkedIn app gets risque with business

Friday, 2 May 2014 | By Cara Waters

So much for not mixing business and pleasure, newly launched dating app LinkedUp! is using business networking site LinkedIn to hook up dates.


LinkedUp! is like a mixture of LinkedIn and dating site Tinder and pulls information from LinkedIn user profiles, like their industry, schools and job.


The app allows users to chat after they have a mutual match. Like Tinder, LinkedUp! users can swipe right or swipe left to allow users to like and dislike profiles.


LinkedUp! allows users to connect with anyone on the LinkedUp! platform and similar to other Facebook-based mobile dating apps is not based on your immediate network or connections.


LinkedUp! chief executive Max Fischer is based in Los Angeles in the United States but spent some time studying at University of New South Wales in Australia.


He told SmartCompany he got the idea for LinkedUp! after noticing people, including himself, using the business networking site to find dates.


“LinkedUp! users get a very true sense of who someone is, where they are from, where they went to school and what they do, giving users a sense of comfort and trust,” he says.


“These are also the first questions people ask in terms of gaining rapport in first date interactions!”


Fischer says there is no indication on a user’s LinkedIn profile that they are on LinkedUp! and the app never posts anything to LinkedIn.


“What's great about our application is that a user has to opt-in and download our app to be part of our platform, which helps keep LinkedIn professional,” he says.


“So only people who want to be a part of our LinkedUp! app are using it.”


The app is in no way affiliated with LinkedIn but uses the networking sites API key.


Fischer declined to reveal how LinkedUp! is making money and how many users it has so far.


“The current traction and metrics are very encouraging since the app went live,” he says.


This article first appeared on SmartCompany.