Why this tech startup takes inspiration from a teapot


“To come up with something truly original you have to ignore common sense.”

In this hilarious spoof of tech startups, the team at Vooza reveal why creating a beautiful product should not be overshadowed by boring details like stealing and selling customer data.

“I look at our teapot and say: how can our interface be more like steam?” says senior vice president of design Nate St. Pierre.

“Our process? Agile, and we make sure our app is filled with authenticity,” says senior vice president of engineering Sagar Patel.

“And if you look at how much we’ve failed that’s where you can see how smart we’ve become,” says St. Pierre.

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Dinushi Dias is a journalist at StartupSmart and multimedia content producer. When she’s out of the office, she works on social projects with her We Love It Productions family and buddying filmmakers.