Future Makers


Increasingly, age is becoming less of a barrier to building innovative, sustainable businesses. But young entrepreneurs still face significant hurdles, especially when it comes to accessing funding and drawing upon relevant experience.



Which is why those that do succeed are noteworthy. StartupSmart has picked out 25 of these business builders for our inaugural Future Makers list.


Unlike other ‘young entrepreneur’ lists that portray anyone under the age of 40 as being an up-and-comer, we’ve gone for genuine youth. Only those aged 25 and under have made the cut.


There is no ranking as such for Future Makers, but the list is as varied as it is impressive. Some make the cut for stunning starts to their entrepreneurial careers, while others are recognised for the potential of their ventures.


The offerings of the businesses range from education to cloud computing, from construction to lingerie.


What they have in common, however, is that we feel they will among Australia’s premier entrepreneurs before the decade is out.


So who made the list? To find out, read our full Future Makers list, complete with a profile of each of the 25 tyro entrepreneurs, below.

Craig Somerville
Jordan Grives
Joseph Glanville, Alexander Sharp and Sheng Yeo
Nathan Murphy
Dan Murray
Costa Vasili
Mitchell Gibson
Bill Huynh
Joshua Kamil
Jack Delosa
Dejan Andrevski
Michael Dawson
Nikki Durkin
Chanel Costabir
Steph Wakefield
Adam Dong
Aulay Macaulay
Jarrad Morgan
Michael O’Brien
Owen McCrink
Melanie Jay Hobson
Mike Boyd
Aleksandar Svetski
Marcus Layton
Michael Jarocki
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