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Gayle WilliamsI Will Invitations


Gayle Williams founded I Will Invitations, a business selling invitations and accessories for weddings, children’s events and other functions.


The invitations are assembled by her and her team. She won Best Service Business in the awards.


How did you decide on your business idea?

I was a schoolteacher and got cancer, so I had to quit that job. I looked around for something I had training for and was able to do, and this was it.


What challenges did you face when you were starting up?

The health aspects of it was quite a big thing for me. I found it really hard initially with juggling being a mother, trying to be the best I can at that, and trying to juggle a successful business.


The time I can devote to my business has come from a really supporting family and a wonderful husband. My girls are growing up and they help too.


What tips would you give other mums looking at starting a business?

Do it. You’ll never know otherwise, you’ll always die wondering. The worst thing can happen is something doesn’t work and you have to start again.

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