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Five reasons start-ups should start a blog today

Friday, 28 October 2011 | By Adam Franklin

Starting your own company blog has a multitude of advantages. Here are the top five reasons why you need to start blogging.


1. You can literally start today, without being a techie


You can start a blog, pick a theme and be publishing remarkable content in no time. And you don’t even need to be a techie. Blogs are available for free on the web; Wordpress is popular and easy to use.


If you do have technical skills, I recommend hosting your blog on your own domain, but in the name of getting started, go and Google “Wordpress blogs” and get one up and running today! You can always migrate it to your own domain later.


2. Today’s content will pay dividends for years


An article you write that is useful to someone today will continue to be valuable for many years. As more people read it, more people will share it on social media and more people will find it on Google. It becomes a genuine web asset.


To draw an analogy, the more you deposit in a bank, the more interest you are paid. With your blog, the more you invest in publishing remarkable content, the more interest (and attention) you will receive from people who comment, tweet, link to and “like” your articles.


3. You can leapfrog the bigger boys

As a start-up, you have the freedom and flexibility to start a blog today. Try doing that in a huge corporation!


There is so much internal red tape and fear of social media in big business that it could be months if not years before your larger competitors start publishing remarkable content.


This means you can get a massive head start on them – especially with your Google ranking and with building a social media following. When the penny finally drops for big business, you should have published so much remarkable content that you have a massive lead.


4. Find your feet while no one is watching


Your first few months of blogging are likely to be in the safety of anonymity. This allows you to find your blogging voice, work out who you’re writing for and to get the hang of writing on a regular basis.


If you write a few articles that aren’t that remarkable, don’t worry, there may not be too many people reading your blog. Yet. The key is to practice, so that when people start to discover your blog, you’ve developed your writing style and you’re ready for the attention you deserve.


5. You’ve got perfect ammo for Twitter and Facebook


Twitter and Facebook are great communication tools, but if you’ve got nothing to say, communicating is hard.


With a blog, you’ve got perfect content to be sharing with your followers on social media. The more you contribute, the more followers you can expect. And if your following is only modest now, you can always retweet your articles further down the track.