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Friday, 01 June 2012 14:08

Social Media, Seven golden rules on the who, what and why: Web Strategy Blog By Adam Franklin

Seven golden rules on the who, what and why of social media

Are you keen to hold your own when people talk about social media? Do you want to get to the bottom of all the tweets, likes, friends and pins people have been talking about lately?


Here is your guide to understanding what everyone is talking about:


1. Facebook


Facebook is the most social. It’s friends sharing photos, posting updates and having (public and private) conversations.


You friend people you know (yes, friend is now a verb). And if you like what people or businesses post, that then gets shared with all your friends. One in two people in Australia are active users, so I bet your customers are using Facebook more than you think!


Golden rule: Interact with people as if you were at a barbeque.


2. Twitter


Twitter is where you’ve got 140 characters to compose a tweet. Think of each tweet like someone’s speech bubble and Twitter like a big hall of people talking with one another.


Golden rule: Interact with people like you’re at a business conference.


3. YouTube


YouTube is like having your very own TV channel, except it’s free and billions of people watch videos on there everyday. You can record a video, edit it on iMovie and upload it to YouTube in hardly any time at all. And, if it’s popular, it’s possible for millions of people to see it within days, but remember – most “corporate videos” are boring.


Golden rule: Be human and don’t be afraid to inject some personality and humour.


4. Instagram


Instagram is the tool you can use to take, enhance and share the pictures you take. What sets it apart from Flickr is the ability to easily edit and enhance your photos so they look way more impressive. Facebook recently bought Instagram for $US1 billion.


Golden rule: Remember to get consent before you post photos of people.


5. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is your professional profile, CV, recruitment tool and rolodex all-in-one. It’s often called “Facebook for work”. You can connect with all the people in your business network and it’s great because you don’t lose contact with someone when they change jobs.


Golden rule: Don’t exaggerate the facts or someone will find out you’re fibbing!


6. Blog


Your blog is your “voice” – it’s your chance to communicate directly with prospective buyers via your own free publishing platform.


A blog is your blank canvas to serve your community with useful information, build trust and nurture relationships. A blog provides you with the remarkable content to share on the other social networks!


Golden rule: Write useful blog articles as if you were your writing to your favourite client.


7. Pinterest


Pinterest is the new kid on the block where you can “pin” pictures of things you like to a virtual pinboard. Pinners (people use Pinterest) use it to help decorate their homes, save recipes and plan weddings. It’s the fastest growing social media platform in history and it’s still “invitation-only”!


Golden rule: Give credit where it’s due and acknowledge your sources.


There you have the social media basics. Next fortnight, we’ll look at planning your social media strategy.


Adam Franklin is a social media speaker and marketing manager of Bluewire Media – a web strategy firm in Sydney and Brisbane. Feel free to download the Web Strategy Planning Template – it's one of many free tools available to you.

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