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Working with your business partner – five things to get right

Tuesday 18th June at 12:30pm

Michael Eisner, the former CEO of Disney, once mused: “It is rare to find a business partner who is selfless. If you are lucky, it happens once in a lifetime.”

The health of your relationship with co-founders and advisors is one of the most critical areas of your business – and also one that is often put down to chance.

How do you identify the perfect business partner and work successfully with him or her? How should your skills and personalities match up? And what happens if it goes horribly wrong?

Successful partnerships share several common ingredients that are crucial in turning your start-up from a great idea that’s poorly executed to one that is profitable and, above all, harmonious.

StartupSmart is holding a FREE webinar to explore the secrets of what makes an excellent business partnership.

We’ll outline the five essential tips to getting it right, as well as explain the tangible difference your partnerships can have on your new business.

The webinar will feature first-hand advice from Andre Eikmeier, co-founder of Vinomofo, who certainly knows a thing or two about forging a successful partnership, having built a business with Justin Dry and Leigh Morgan. Paul Fiumara from DFK will also add his expertise to the webinar, and Gavin Lower, acting editor of StartupSmart, will act as host.


Andre Eikmeier

Andre Eikmeier is an Australian actor and wine entrepreneur. Eikmeier retired from acting to concentrate on his an own online wine network Qwoff with his brother-in-law, recently successfully launching Vinomofo.

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Gavin Lower
Acting Editor

Gavin Lower has worked for newspapers and wire services around Australia. Before joining StartupSmart he was a business reporter for Dow Jones Newswires in Melbourne covering media, retail, biotech and telecommunications companies.

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Paul Fiumara

Paul Fiumara has been a partner in the Brisbane office of DFK for over 22 years providing specialist taxation and business services to large SME’s and high net worth individuals.

Paul’s particular areas of expertise are business structuring, strategic management, due diligence and investigations as well as IT consultancy and advice. Paul is a regular presenter at professional conferences and corporate events both nationally and internationally and in his spare time enjoys playing lead guitar in a Brisbane rock and roll band.

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