Women in Business

Women in Business

Tuesday, 29 January 2013 00:00

Natalie Müller, Shoppingbird, Video Interviews with Female Entrepreneurs: Women in Business Blog by Orsi Parkanyi

Video Interview: Natalie Müller from Shoppingbird

This article first appeared April 23rd, 2012.


I have no doubt that Natalie Müller is right on her way to great success.


I would not be surprised at all if in the next year I saw her name on the top list of most successful female entrepreneurs in Australia.


Her passion, confidence and intelligent business approach are the perfect combination and everything a multi-million dollar business needs, not to mention her obvious youth and beauty!


In this video, we talk about her new venture Shoppingbird, co-founded with Sara Lundgren, as well as some of the many challenges aspiring women entrepreneurs face today.


Moreover, Natalie has kindly shared valuable advice on what to be mindful of before setting up a business from scratch.


Enjoy the interview!


Orsi Parkanyi grew up in Eastern Europe (Hungary) in a family of four women. She came to Australia six years ago on her own with a university research scholarship as a 22 year old. Orsi spent the past 10 years investigating current social and environmental issues at various universities around the Globe.


As she’s become more aware of our limitations to save the Planet from an ecological disaster, she’s became more and more passionate about the concept of social entrepreneurship and empowerment of women. She started "Women as Entrepreneurs" (WE) at the end of October 2011 in order to initiate change and start a debate on this topic in Australia.


She is on Twitter @We_Sydney.

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