It’s weekend market time


taskmasterWell, after another unbearably long week, the weekend has arrived.


So is it time for a big night out? Perhaps it’s time to catch up with friends and family? Maybe spend some time on a favourite hobby? Or have a nice sleep in followed by a leisurely noon breakfast at a café?


Old Taskmaster says nonsense! That’s lazy talk! There’s no better time to get out there and earn your business a few extra sales!


Every weekend in towns and suburbs across this great land of hours, small business people get up early for Sunday markets, farmers markets and swap meets. If you’re creative, there might also be other opportunities to set up a table at a community event or local festival.


If you’re currently in that netherworld between when your business is a backyard hobby and a full-time day job, a stall at a farmers market is a way to start trialling and monetising your business idea. Better still, you won’t find yourself locked into long-term commitments for finance, websites or rent.


Meanwhile, if you’re an established business, weekend swap meets are a great opportunity to clear excess stock with a ‘below the line’ discount. If you’re in a business such as eCommerce, it can also be a great opportunity for face-to-face sales time with potential customers or your local community.


It’s time to get in touch with your local city or shire council to find out when the next Sunday markets are on, pay them a visit and have a chat to some of the other stall holders. If you see Old Taskmaster selling widgets while you’re down there, make sure you say hi.


Then book yourself a table for next weekend.


Get it done – this weekend!