Church branding could attract cult following

Business start-up idea on church branding

Business start-up idea on church brandingWe’ve all heard of bible bashing but what about bible branding?



According to Richard Reising, president of Artistry Marketing Concepts, church branding is all the rage.


“A branded church is a church that understands who they are and who they are trying to reach, and they communicate that effectively through integrated marketing communications,” Reising says.


According to Reising, the phenomenon of church branding has been picking up speed over the last 10 years.


“Ten years ago the whole concept of promoting church was taboo. But there has been a growing acceptance over time,” he says.


Artistry Marketing Concepts is one of a growing number of consultancies that works with churches and Christian ministries to develop their marketing activities.


Therein lies a promising start-up opportunity – develop a religion-inspired directory guide for the faithful.


When a family moves to a new area, they could purchase a directory guide featuring all the information they need to know about their nearest places of worship.


For some people, choosing a church is just as important as choosing their children’s school so why not enable them to make an informed decision?

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