Ash Davies from Tablo Publishing

Ash Davies
Founders: Ash Davies
Started: 2012
Head Office: Victoria
Employees: 2
Industry: Internet
Ash Davies
Winnner: Best Young Entrepreneur

Ash Davies, like many before him, was a frustrated author. It took him six months to publish his book, costing him hundreds of dollars in tax registration fees and ISBNs.


Infuriated by this process – which should, in the digital age, surely be far simpler – he set about building a business that would allow any author, from anywhere in the world, to publish their book with a single click.


His solution was Tablo Publishing, which is based upon the Author’s Centre product.


“With this platform, any author can publish their books, manage updates, access sales reports and plenty of other great features,” says Davies.


“Every author that publishes with Tablo can sell their book in 50 countries. Our Author’s Centre makes this possible. We automatically assign ISBNs to all titles, collect all revenue from the sale of books and distribute royalties quarterly.”


“Our goal is to provide the best digital publishing experience in the world.”


While he was certain there was an opportunity – authors outside the USA have major problems publishing with iTunes – there were severe challenges, especially when building the software.


Still just 19-years-old, Davies advises: “There is always someone more talented than yourself. If you take the time to ask questions and listen carefully you can achieve so much more, and you’ll learn a few things too.”


“Working with ideas is incredible. I love the way a thought progresses and develops. By far the best part of starting a business is watching an idea slowly transform and one day watching a customer enjoy it.”


Chanel Costabir, founder of The Lingerie Boutique and judge of the young entrepreneur award, says: “It is highly commendable that he has not only identified a need but taken action at such a young age.”


“He has created a service that streamlines and simplifies the process writers need to go through to have their digitals books published.”


“To put it simply, he is removing the pain from having a digital book published. Definitely the work of an entrepreneur!”

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