49. The Interview Group – StartupSmart

Founder: Matt Ma

Revenue: $320,000

Started: 2007

Head Office: New South Wales

Employees: 8

Industry: HR & Recruitment

Website: http://www.interviewgroup.biz


Many businesses will say cash flow and the actual development of a product are the hardest parts of running a business. But for The Interview Group founder Matt Ma, it’s the marketing that’s the most challenging part.


“It was important that we went to market with an offering that was demonstrably superior to other players in this space.”


The Interview Group offers an over-the-phone exit and stay interview process that allows businesses to pinpoint their top employees and helps them retain key staff.


Ma says because of the structure of his business – it operates over-the-phone and online – he is able to utilise employees other businesses may not consider.


“There is a largely untapped pool of highly skilled, mid-career HR professionals, typically women, who have opted out of full-time careers in order to start families or pursue other life goals.”


Having the company operate online allows them to work more hours they otherwise could, Ma says, using a web application to improve productivity. He also says this does away with the need for a large corporate office and lost efficiency through long commute times.


“We have virtually no limits on our ability to handle increased volumes of interviews. We have no geographical limitations on the talent pool we can access and we can deleiver the service in foreign languages.”

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