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Catherine Prosser6. Catherine Prosser


Business: StageBitz


Looking for ways to broaden the appeal of her theatre software company Production Genie, Catherine Prosser devised StageBitz.


The innovation is a web-based system designed to simplify prop management for production professionals, allowing them to manage the lifecycle of prop sourcing, maintenance and tracking.


The business, which was recognised at this year’s Tech23 event, is on course to have four million props running through the system by 2014.


Shelli Trung7. Shelli Trung


Business: 3six5dates


While a “reality dating blog” may not sound like much of a money-spinner, Shelli Trung is making good headway with her business, 3six5dates.

She co-ordinates a staff of 25 people to produce a site that follows four women, in four separate international cities, taking on 365 dates between them within the period of one year.


By the end of the year Trung, who previously started up in the property and marketing sectors, plans for the concept to be rolled out across TV, books and a movie.


Magda Walczak8. Magda Walczak


Business: Atlassian


As director of demand generation at software success story Atlassian, Magda Walczak has good claim to be one of the leading female figures in Australia’s tech start-up space.


Aside from behind a driving force behind the onward march of Atlassian, Walczak is also a key figure in promoting the interests of women in the sector, leading a marketing campaign to increase the female presence in tech.


“If you go to a networking event for entrepreneurs or a conference it feels like out of a random 100 people probably only five or so are female,” she told us in July.


“The more we hear about stories of women in tech the more other women will be encouraged to enter the tech industry.”


Marita Cheng9. Marita Cheng


Business: Robogals Global


Cairns-born Marita Cheng moved to Melbourne to study at university in 2007, sparking her own start-up journey.


She initially started a tech company called Nudge, which provided timely reminders to people who often forget to take their medication.


When this business closed last year, Cheng was undaunted. She subsequently launched Robogals Global, a worldwide organisation that introduces young women to engineering and technology, building an impressive media presence as an advocate for a greater female presence in tech.


Carla di Marco10. Carla di Marco


Business: Students4Hire


While many of the women on this list have already kicked plenty of goals in business, Carla di Marco is just starting out on her entrepreneurial endeavours.


However, we predict a bright future for her business, Students4Hire. The start-up matches students looking for work with people who need various jobs handled.


Judges at the StartupSmart Awards earlier this year liked the concept so much that they awarded di Marco the Best Start-up Idea award.

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