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Billionaire founder of Amazon reveals his secret to productivity  – StartupSmart

Jeff Bezos Amazon Founder

Business leaders and entrepreneurs that regularly get a good night’s sleep may have less time to make decisions, but the decisions they do make are better, according to Jeff Bezos.

That’s why the billionaire Amazon founder does what he can to get eight hours of shut-eye a night.

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While some entrepreneurs claim to only need four hours sleep a night, Bezos says eight hours is the amount he needs “to feel energised and excited”.

And he believes it leads to better results for Amazon shareholders.

“If you shortchange your sleep, you might get a couple of extra ‘productive’ hours, but that productivity might be an illusion,” he said in an interview for Arianna Huffington’s recently launched wellness business, Thrive Global.

“When you’re talking about decisions and interactions, quality is usually more important than quantity.

“Making a small number of key decisions well is more important than making a large number of decisions.”

For Bezos, the idea of finding “harmony” between work and home life is more useful than the concept of work-life balance.

“I prefer the word ‘harmony’ to the word ‘balance’ because balance tends to imply a strict tradeoff,” he said.

“In fact, if I’m happy to work, I’m better at home – a better husband and a better father.

“And if I’m happy at home, I come into work more energised – a better employee and a better colleague.”

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