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Felipe Flores, Mark James
Founders: Felipe Flores, Mark James
Revenue: $900,000
Started: 2010
Head Office: Victoria
Employees: 5
Industry: Information technology
Website: clearbluewater.com.au
Felipe Flores, Mark James

Clear Blue Water believes automating the repetitive tasks of knowledge workers allows them to focus solely on value-creating work, thus improving productivity.


It also believes every person in an organisation should be able to access the right information at the right time, and receive fast and meaningful feedback, in order to make better decisions.


“We see both these aspects as crucial,” Flores says.


“Our philosophy is to place analytics in the cold face of business where it will make the most difference. Clear Blue Water is helping clients optimise and scale their businesses by making complex data analytics accessible to non-IT professionals in organisations large and small.


“We specialise in developing custom software that analyses information, and provides automated recommendations and advice that sit within a user’s workflow.”


Clear Blue Water has helped a broad range of businesses, from massive companies like Foxtel to small start-ups.


Flores and James, who previously worked for the same company, started their business after becoming disheartened by the limitations of the software available.


“We identified a better way to do things,” Flores says.


“We pitched it to the board at our previous employer and they rejected the idea of becoming five times more efficient because they felt it would cannibalise their existing business.


“At that point we decided to do it ourselves.”


“The rewards have been building our vision, getting a team of superstars, having great clients and all the people we’ve met that have helped us in one way or another along the way.”

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