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Devour the Young Rich list – StartupSmart


As you well know, I am a huge fan of rich lists from around the world. As a great entrepreneur myself, I love reading about my fellow titans of business – what they’ve done in the last 12 months, what they are planning next, how many new cars they have bought.


But I always pay special attention to the Young Rich list, which BRW magazine has just released. It’s partly because I like the entrepreneur stories and partly because I like to know who are the young guns coming up to challenge me.


But for you start-up entrepreneurs, this is an invaluable resource. These business people are not that far out of the start-up phase themselves and there are plenty of insights you can pick up by reading about how they turbo-charged their growth.


There are few things you should study carefully. How did these entrepreneurs fund their growth with limited capital and/or cashflow? How have they used technology? How have they expanded into new niches or industries? Have they decided to sell part or all of their businesses?


My sense is that you’ll notice the young rich are collaborating a lot more – with investors, with suppliers and customers, with mentors and with each other.


Is this something you can use in your business?

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