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Do some field research – StartupSmart


TaskmasterBlock out a day in your diary, get a permission slip from your mother and pack a lunch – you are going on an excursion.


Too many entrepreneurs spend too much time locked away in their offices, away from the industries and the customers they serve.


Not you. This week you are planning a field trip to learn how customers are using your product and service, what they think of it and how it could be improved.


Run a retail stores? Spend a day touring major shopping centres, poking about stores to see what new ideas there are on merchandise, customer service and design.


Manufacturer something? Get out and see how customers are using it – or not using it.


Offer a service of some kind? Go and visit five customers, have a look at their business operations, and spend some time talking about what else you could do for them.


Run an online business? Go and study your physical competitors.


It’s not hard – in fact, it will be fun – but it’s vital research.


Get it organised – today!

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