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Eight tips to generate more repeat customers – StartupSmart

Repeat customer sales are the cheapest and easiest business you will ever generate, so it makes sense that more of your time should be spent nurturing and leveraging your existing customer relationships than bringing in new business.


But how do you keep customers coming back and buying again and again? Here are eight tips to help you turn those once-off buyers into loyal, profitable, repeat customers.


1. Develop products or services that have a repeat buy


One of the most important factors in getting repeat business is to have products and services that can be bought repeatedly or added onto. Being able to upsell, upgrade, add on or repeatedly sell products or services to your current customers will help you develop a constant stream of income without a large marketing outlay.


2. Get your customers details


It sounds obvious doesn’t it, though you’d be surprised at how many businesses don’t capture the contact details of the customers that buy from them. But the trouble is if you don’t who your customers are how can you market to them and stay in touch?


If you’re wondering how to capture their details, offer an opt-in registration for a free report/checklist/cheat sheet or newsletter on your website, give them a free gift or gift certificate for filling in a contact form, include contact details on feedback forms and surveys and/or hold a competition.


3. Send “you’re due” reminders


Keep track of when customers are due for your product or services whether it is a refill, check-up, follow-up or replacement.


Think of dentists and chiropractors who let you know when you are due for an appointment, or mechanics and pest specialists who put stickers on your car or cupboards with when you are due for your next service or pest check-up. Think about how you could implement reminders to help prompt your customers to buy again.


4. Create a customer loyalty reward program


Reward your loyal customers with a bonus or free product or service once they have bought a certain number of products or services from you or spent a certain amount of money (think “buy 10 and get the 11th free, a VIP discount or a gift certificate after a spend of [x] amount).


Whatever you choose, just make sure the incentive is high enough so they will want to keep coming back.


5. Send out a “thank you for buying” offer


Once your customer has bought your product or service, send out a special offer or gift voucher (valid for a limited time) to use with their next purchase as a thank you. This can be quite effective in encouraging your customers to buy again soon after their last purchase.


6. Stay in contact


Staying in touch with your customers, seeing how they are going, telling them about new products and services and informing them about specials and promotions can help you keep your business in the forefront of their minds and give them the prompt they need to buy again.


7. After-sales follow-up


Never underestimate the power in following up after a sale. A simple call to see how your customer has found your product or service can be a great way to get valuable feedback, testimonials and have the opportunity to upsell with different products and services.


8.  Go the extra mile


If you really want to have repeat customers, go beyond their expectations and give them what they can’t get anywhere else. It could be as simple as taking the time to answer all of their questions to creating a wow customer service experience, anything to make an impact and keep them coming back.


How do you keep your customers coming back?

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