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Four crucial pieces of advice for budding entrepreneurs and startup founders – StartupSmart

Entrepreneurs by nature are excited to build new businesses.

The entrepreneurial life is about creating something new, creating something from scratch, whether that be a business, a not-for-profit or some other creative initiative.

The thrill is in creating that ‘new beginning,’ a unique history. It is intrinsic to entrepreneurs.

We enjoy starting from zero and forming and growing something unheard of.

We never lose the drive – we just continue to gain momentum as we go. That could mean starting multiple new business ventures down the track or paying it forward by helping people to build and create their own startup babies.

It might be a cliché, but the entrepreneur life is a way of life.

So here are a few pieces of advice for the budding entrepreneurs out there. These are based on what I’ve picked up along my journey so far.

1. Prepare for the every-day mishaps

Technical mishaps, like a web server going down, are not unique to startups. They affect businesses small and large. It is easy for entrepreneurs to react hastily when this sort of thing happens but the important thing is to keep your wits about you when these mini-crisis scenarios hit.

We can sometimes get in the mindset that we want to fix something so quickly that we underestimate our ability to actually make sensible and effective decisions in high-pressure situations. The key is to train yourself to make decisive calls under pressure – and this certainly gets easier with practice.

Personally, I am a much more decisive entrepreneur now than when I set out on my first venture.

As a startup you are often thrown into the deep end unexpectedly. You have to weigh up your options and make a sensible, thought-out decision. Don’t just react – you won’t make nearly as much progress doing it that way.

2. Make sure you prioritise

As an entrepreneur you have a tonne of priorities to manage.

I always start my mornings off by reading, planning and thinking about my tasks for the coming day. It helps for you to get some perspective on what you’re doing that day before diving in and getting the ball rolling.

3. Remember the other parts of your life

Being an entrepreneur is addictive and it can become all-consuming, especially at the early stages.

Of course, this dogged determination and drive is an essential part of the startup journey but it should never come at the price of you forgetting how to be successful in life as well. There needs to be more discussion around this to be honest.

Being an entrepreneur is only one facet of who you are. As a founder, you need to be multi-faceted – focus on achieving ‘success’ in other areas too. Work should not be all consuming all the time – and it certainly should not come at the expense of your health, your family life or your social life.

4. Do what you love

At Brosa we are driven by building a brand that we can be really proud of. As we continue to establish and grow a well-recognised business, we are motivated first and foremost by our customers loving the service.

If what you are offering is making or going to make a real difference to your customers, that is all the motivation you need as an entrepreneur.

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