From idea to thriving enterprise – expert advice on how it’s done – StartupSmart

As an entrepreneur you’re going to have hundreds of ideas, but how do you turn your great vision into a reality?


This free StartupSmart webinar, brought to you by BSchool, discusses business strategies to achieve growth and success.


In this interactive Q&A webinar, StartupSmart Editor Kye White will speak with strategy expert and Republica Education founder Ryan Trainor to find out:

  • How he founded a business snapped up by the Washington Post (and other examples);
  • Valuable lessons learnt from founding or taking over businesses and building them up;
  • Tips for bringing ideas into fruition and navigating the early stages;
  • How to commercialise an idea or product;
  • How to prepare a business plan that works;
  • Identifying financial challenges and opportunities; and more.

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