Furniture company thinks inside the box – StartupSmart


A Latvian company called Boxetti has designed a bed that can be packed up into a small and self-contained box.


Like the other modules in the Boxetti furniture and interior design series, the bed is designed to save space and make installation as simple as setting the object in place.


In this case, a double bed folds down, a night stand folds out and a wardrobe slides open, all from the same side.


Meanwhile, shelves, drawers and a clothing rail are all neatly tucked in at appropriate heights around the central foldout bed piece.


As such, the entire unit would work well for someone with a small studio apartment or in a living room as an extra “instant” bedroom-on-demand for guests.


Space-saving furniture is nothing new, but the simplistic nature of the Boxetti furniture series is likely to appeal to younger generations who don’t want to be tied down by their possessions.


Why not take inspiration from Boxetti and design your own futuristic furniture range?

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