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Igor Stjepanovic
Founders: Igor Stjepanovic
Revenue: $1.2 million
Started: 2010
Head Office: Queensland
Employees: 16
Industry: Information technology
Igor Stjepanovic

GIS People describes itself as a passionate team of geospatial professionals who enjoy help their clients leverage the power of location-based data.


“Similar to Google and Apple, who are making huge investments into maps and mapping technologies, most other large organisations around the globe demand up-to-date and accurate maps of various types of assets,” Stjepanovic says.


Stjepanovic says many of his company’s clients don’t have enough in-house expertise for these tasks.


“That is normal because not everyone is licensed to perform plumbing or electrical work either,” he says.


“Therefore, when one requires plumbing work done they call the plumber and, similarly, where GIS work is needed our clients call GIS People.”


Stjepanovic says there are “never any surprises” with GIS People, promising clients reliable solutions, value for money and excellent customer service.


“GIS People is focused on assisting clients leverage existing geographic information systems by customisation to suit specific needs,” he says.


“We provide cost-effective spatial capability to organisations, which currently have little or no such capacity, through consulting, software development and training services.


“We design, build and implement reliable geospatial solutions that afford flexibility to our clients.


“This includes the choice of how much or how little work they wish to perform themselves.”


Stjepanovic likens starting up a business to extreme sports, suggesting it’s all about the rush of adrenaline.


“Some people get a kick from bungee jumping, but we set up business for fun. Seriously though, if we have to single out one exciting event, employing our first staff member has been the highlight so far,” he says.

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