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Global tech security giant Mimecast has set up its APAC headquarters in Melbourne as the Victorian government continues its efforts to become the a world-leading cyber security hub.

Mimecast, which specialises in email and data security, has enjoyed strong growth in Australia with its team increasing from seven to 40 since arriving here in 2013.

Founded in London, Mimecast works closely with organisations around the world to protect them from increasing online threats.

Mimecast is listed on the Nasdaq with a market cap of $1.2 billion ($US911 million).

Victorian minister for innovation Philip Dalidakis attended the launch of the new office and welcomed the tech company to the state’s thriving startup ecosystem.

“To see them double-down and invest greater amounts of money in a new headquarters is very encouraging,” Dalidakis tells StartupSmart.

“What’s more important is they have a significant cyber security component to their software platform.”

“We’re wanting Victoria to be one of the top give global cyber security centres within the next five to 10 years.”

In recent months, a spike in SME-targeted cyber attacks has pushed the private sector and government to be on alert.

Even at the Australian Retail Awards, Dalidakis reminded business owners of the threats of ransomware and similar attacks, encouraging them to put in place basic mitigation.

Dalidakis says the Victorian Labor government has made this a high priority and will be making more announcements on info-tech and security from mid-September.

Mimecast Global CEO Ed Jennings says this is one of the key reasons the company decided to set up shop in Melbourne.

“Australia’s prioritisation of cyber security has been a government and business focus over the last three years and has been a catalyst for Mimecast’s continued growth and investment in the region,” Jennings says.

“Our Melbourne office also acts as the APAC headquarters for customer service and offers global support services around the clock.”

Mimecast will join fellow global tech giants including Zendesk, Square and Slack, which have located regional and Australian headquarters in Melbourne.

“We haven’t had to lure them here, they want to be here, they’ve made their own decision that this is where they want to be,” Dalidakis says .

A huge benefit of having companies like this come to Victoria, says Dalidakis, is that it provides great opportunities for tech and security graduates.

“It will continually provide pathways for those graduates and uni students to find the jobs that they want,” he says.

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