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Founders: Andrew Sheats and Brian Maher
Revenue: $663,000
Started: 2011
Head Office: Victoria
Employees: 23
Industry: Finance and insurance

The private health insurance market is a relatively old one, but it’s curious there have been no new entrants for several years. Andrew Sheats and Brian Maher have attempted to change that with


The business, which has eight different founders, was created after the team noticed a lack of innovation in the private insurance space. And with health companies obligated to provide care to all Australians, the move seems a perfect fit.


However, the founders say building the business has taken time, “compromise and patience”.


“We have hired a fantastic team of health insurance specialists, online marketing experts and a great customer service team in an attempt to take health insurance to a higher level of service.”


The site is based on making everything as simple as possible – users just have to pick what type of cover they prefer. Of course, building the site was a challenge, but the founders say it’s all paid off.


“We looked at the industry and thought ‘there’s got to be a better way to do this’. Health insurance doesn’t have to be confusing with lots of asterisks and fine print.”

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