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How do I balance looking after the kids with working from home? – StartupSmart

This week’s Secret Soloist answer comes from Jane Shelton, managing director of Marshall Place Associates.


The hot tips I can offer are to put relationships before resources and information before decision-making so that every step builds your confidence.


Kids always come first and are usually the reason for wanting to have a home-based business, especially while they are still ankle biters who need your love and attention or teenagers who need support and reassurance that they are the centre of your attention.


That means that the start-up business needs to be seen as “the home-work business” and given the respect that it deserves but not all of your attention.


Some of the tips that I offer in my book No Workplace Like Home may prove useful in managing your role as a home-based mum.


Firstly, map your own interests and personal priorities and then set out how the start-up is going to help you achieve your objectives.


Be honest with yourself and answer these core questions:

  • How will this venture change our way of life?
  • What do I really like doing, and how will it shape my family’s future?
  • Who can support me while I get the business up and running?
  • Where will all this take us and what will it cost to succeed?

Then you can sort out some of the key priorities such as security, stability, fun and enjoyment with the kids, health and not becoming a slave to the business.


These are the measures that will help you write out the values and vision for your venture.


Then you need to set aside a fixed amount of time for your business homework, when the kids have done theirs and get partners and friends to share the burden of developing your start-up as an adjunct to your family life rather than an alternative to it

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