How do I drive sales for my business? – StartupSmart

Most businesses go through times when sales are low. During those periods it’s good to have plans ready to increase activity and keep the business moving forward.




One of the most important things to remember is to focus on those customers giving you the most attention. There’s no point trying to convince customers or clients who aren’t likely to, to buy your products – focus on your core market.

If you have a customer database, consider sending out a promotion or information on what’s currently available. Look at your 50 or 100 most loyal customers, and set up a loyalty program that will invite them back to buy more.

If you have a sale or promotion coming up, then let customers know a couple of weeks beforehand. They’ll appreciate having the inside knowledge and will come back – and maybe even buy some more while they’re there.

Look at your staff. If your employees aren’t doing the best they can to attract sales, then it may be time to reconsider who you’re hiring. You want dedicated, hard-working staff who won’t let sales opportunities slip away. Ensure they treat clients with respect, go the extra mile to order products that may not be in stock, and keep in contact by calling or emailing when their item is available.

You may want to consider raising your prices, although this is difficult to pull off and may turn customers away. However, also be very wary of discounting, as this can put pressure on your margins.

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