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How do I ensure repeat sales? – StartupSmart

You need to offer customers an experience they can’t receive anywhere else. This can range from the quality of your product, to the level of customer service they receive.


Think about what makes your workplace different from your competitors’, and what you can offer them. Perhaps you should train your staff to deliver a more personalised level of service, so that customers will feel more satisfied and reassured about their purchase.

Do your staff take the initiative to order products that are out of stock? Do they call customers to let them know when they are available to pick up?

You should keep a database of customers so you know how often people are returning to buy. If you have many customers who aren’t returning, consider sending them some type of incentive or coupon to return. This could even be in the form of an email marketing campaign.

Also consider implementing a type of reward system, where frequent customers receive discounts.

You could also introduce a program that rewards customers for bringing their friends in to buy as well.

You should always follow up with your customers as well. Ask them what they enjoyed most about their experience, and if there is anything they would change.

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