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The art of being a great leader is in the ability to create more great leaders.

It’s a message many successful business leaders live by, including Google chief executive Sundar Pichai.

“It’s learning to let go and really empowering people at all levels of the organisation, and trusting them to doing the right thing,” he said recently.

“As a leader, a lot of your job is to make those people successful.”

But how does one become a leader who creates great leaders?

Melbourne business leadership coach Angela Kambouris says it boils down to three things: internal flow, learning and service.

Create a team that flows

In Thrive, Kambouris says when you put together a team the aim should be to set up a group in an environment that is so united, “flow is created”.

This means removing the processes and people that obstruct this flow.

“Create a team that will work in harmony — your beliefs, values, attitude and your emotional aptitude all working like the inside of a watch,” she says.

Always be a student

Whether you’ve recently been promoted or are leading a hot successful startup, never stop being a student, says Kambouris.

The ability to keep learning and acknowledge that anyone, regardless of their position, can teach you something will help you recognise the potential in those around you.

“It floors me that so many throw around the word’s master, expert, guru all based on a number they have identified to give them status or a level of authority,” she says.

Serve others

The fast-paced world we live in can be accelerated even more when you’re focused on growing a business, but it’s critical to be mindful of those around you.

Pay attention to how you address the people in your team and consider what new value you can give them everyday.

“How often don’t we pay attention, get distracted or the mind wanders?” she says.

“When you add more value to someone’s day, someone’s life, you are [honouring] them.

“What if we gave people a reason enough to take notice, to re-discover who they are and fall more and more deeply in love with themselves?”

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