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Insolvency and the possibility of bankruptcy can be among the hardest things a person can face. Aside from the heavy financial burden, it can also take its toll on personal and family relationships.


Salvaging personal and business finances from insolvency is tough work, but for 30-year-old Jarrod Sierocki it has its rewards.


“We are able to give someone their life back, which includes financial freedom and the ability to obtain credit again which gives them leverage to start again,” Sierocki tells StartupSmart.


His company Insolvency Guardian started in 2011 as a one-man band and quickly grew into an enterprise offering a range of services in the insolvency and forensic accounting industry.


Escalating rates of insolvency for small businesses across the country has meant that Sierocki and his team are rarely short of work.


He says getting the message across to people that they have options when facing solvency issues has been part of the mission.


“People were ill informed as to the rights and how, using our facilities, they could enter bankruptcy and within six months be out of bankruptcy with a clean credit file and new start to life.”


He says the company’s quick growth has led to a simple plan: “It involves creating a brand that equals a result, from which the company can reap financial gain and success.”


“We have done that by building relationships in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast and Melbourne.


“We have an online advertising campaign that comprises over 324 websites which all lead to brand recognition and we also sponsor many sporting events, as well as worthy causes including the Heart Foundation.”

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