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Jack Delosa

Jack DelosaName: Jack Delosa

Business name: The Entourage

Age: 24

State: NSW


Not content with being one of the best-known names among Australia’s younger entrepreneurs, Jack Delosa has taken to offering a helping hand to others.


His business, The Entourage, offers training and networking help for budding entrepreneurs. It’s something he could’ve used himself when he dropped out of a commerce and law degree at the age of 18, borrowed $20,000 and bought into his first business.


That venture initially struggled, providing business lessons that Delosa says he never would’ve gained from staying in the lecture halls of university.


Delosa’s interests are now spread widely, having raised more than $5 million for his personal clients while acquiring a number of businesses along with his co-collaborators, including Dominic Carosa.


A persistent media presence has helped, with Delosa’s face and writing appearing in outlets ranging from the Sydney Morning Herald to Sunrise.


“It’s my aim to be the dumbest person in the room at all times,” he says.


“When I started out in business 7 years ago it was about mentors who would be kind enough to help me, now it’s about establishing a solid board of directors and management team.”

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