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Jordan Grives

Jordan GrivesName: Jordan Grives

Business name: Fonebox Group

Age: 22

State: Queensland


Like many young people, Jordan Grives’ first experience in the world of work was in his family’s business.


Unlike most of his peers, however, Grives has managed to build a company, Fonebox Group, off the back of this business, boosting revenue from $400,000 to $2 million.


The business, which is a telecommunications service provider, has since employed 11 staff and has expanded into new areas – fixed line business and residential telephony and in-store advertising products.


Fonebox has expanded geographically too, selling into New Zealand, and plans to extend to the UK and North America next year.


Revenue is expected to double this year, with Grives planning to further boost growth with acquisitions and investors.


Grives says: “It’s good if you’re offering a quality product – I find a good list of clients helps back it up.”


“I think people buy others approval. I’ve got a strong list of clients and a client base willing to listen, which is good.”


“Come up with a good product, find a niche, work really hard and never stop working. You don’t just work nine to five. You never stop working.”

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