Melbourne retail training startup raises $500,000 to wage war on bad customer service – StartupSmart

Melbourne-based startup Myagi has raised $500,000 in seed funding from local and international investors to expand their specialist online training platform.


Myagi CEO Simon Turner says: “Wayward customer service is a real problem in Australia, with only one in four consumers reporting they experience good customer service when they shop. Ultimately, we can see bad customer service is hurting retailers at the till.”


In a statement announcing the raise, Myagi says much of the blame for this decline in customer service can be attributed to outdated and expensive training methods being unable to keep pace with the rise of a more dynamic retail landscape.


Myagi aims to help solve some of these new demands faced by retailers through their social training platform that allows retailers and brands to create training and distribute it to staff within minutes – not the weeks and months it had taken using traditional methods.


Turner says Myagi cuts out the complexity of getting expert knowledge into the hands of retail staff by connecting brands and retailers on a single platform and providing a suite of simple yet powerful tools for them to create training content.


“Our vision is to put great customer service training within reach of all retailers and their suppliers, not just the big guys – we want staff to be up-to-date at all times to ensure they’re prepared for the new breed of highly-informed consumer” says Turner.


The Myagi platform focuses on video-based training of sales associates, allowing retailers and suppliers to self-author and share training content. The platform rewards trainees for their engagement with incentives and offers data integrations with existing systems and analytics to measure and provide feedback on all aspects of training.

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