Metrix Consulting – StartupSmart

Founders: Marquis Pohla
Revenue: $1.629 million
Started: 2009
Head Office: Western Australia
Employees: 10
Industry: Property and business services
Website: www.metrixconsulting.com.au
The Metrix Consulting team

Metrix is a business advisory firm that transforms intelligence into a business tool to inspire better marketing and business decisions.


The Metrix toolkit spans the full spectrum of marketing analytics including database mining, web analytics, social media analytics, forecasting, econometrics and data visualisation.


Pohla says he was inspired to start up for no other reason than he loves business.


“From a young age I have been on the lookout for new business opportunities for myself and others. I have always wanted to build a business from the ground up,” he says.


Pohla started Metrix during the global financial crisis, with a 12-month non-compete clause activated by the number one brand in the marketplace.


“Despite the circumstances I believed there was a gap in the marketplace and built a value proposition that would allow our firm to capitalise on the opportunity,” he says.


“[I saw a] gap in the market for a strategic marketing firm that embraces all forms of business information, and can transform information into a business tool to inspire better decision-making.


“We have disrupted the traditional model in our industry. We have gone outside the box in an attempt to redefine our category and reshape perceptions of the value we bring to clients.”


Beyond the business plan, Pohla puts the success of Metrix down to the sheer hard work of his “super intelligent” team.


“[We have spent] countless hours sending emails, making phone calls and pounding the pavement trying to create opportunities,” he says.


“There is no doubt determination to be better and do better were fundamental in getting through the first year in a volatile market.”

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