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Michael Jarocki

Michael JarockiName: Michael Jarocki

Business name: Credit Card Finder

Age: 21

State: NSW


By his own admission, Michael Jarocki was bored by school. His ambitions flitted from becoming an actor, then professional snowboarder, followed by musician.


It wasn’t until a friend showed him an internet marketing forum that he realised he could find a satisfying career, as well as make plenty of money, via online.


Much to his parent’s dismay, Jarocki ditched plans to go to university and set himself the challenge of making $10 solely online using Google Adsense.


He initially struggled but he then got his big break with Credit Card Finder, a credit card comparison site founded by net entrepreneurs Frank Restuccia and Fred Schebesta.


The site is part of the Comparison Finder group, which includes Home Loan Finder and Personal Loan Finder.


Heading up a business aged 18 didn’t overawe Jarocki, who used his knowledge of online marketing to fuel the strong growth of the site.


With the site now a key part of the group, and Jarocki forging a media presence on channels Seven, Nine and Ten, the future looks bright for business and entrepreneur alike.


“My parents cringed at the fact I was ditching uni to start up online, but I’m doing pretty well for myself so I guess I’ve won in the end,” Jarocki tells News.com.

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