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Mitchell Gibson

Mitchell GibsonName: Mitchell Gibson

Business name: Fitness People Australia

Age: 21

State: NSW


A heady mix of social media and confidence has been integral to Mitchell Gibson’s start-up story, as the young entrepreneur attempts to build a directory empire.


Gibson’s business, Fitness People Australia, is an online directory that allows you to search and find gyms and fitness centres, personal trainers, massage therapists, supplement providers, fitness equipment, fitness courses and fitness jobs.


Gibson also provides regular health tips and advice, via his active social media efforts.


Despite being just four months into his venture, he has shown a commendable foresight to build up a customer base rather than focusing entirely on revenue.


Fitness People Australia has more than 2,800 Twitter followers, an enviable Google ranking and an email distribution list that is 11,000 names strong.


Gibson is certainly determined to make it to the top of the entrepreneurial tree and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him start converting this following into serious dollars in the near future.


“I am determined to succeed,” he says.


“I am not scared to take a risk and do not put projects to the side for another day. I live by the motto, ‘A week has seven days and someday isn’t one of them’.”

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