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Online dating - friends matchmaking

Online dating - friends matchmakingAn online dating site isn’t a novel start-up concept – the sector has become saturated by sites aiming to lure lonesome singles.


But what if your love life was left in the hands of your friends? It might seem like a frightening prospect but Dutch site Inlovia has made it a reality, enabling users to match up their mates.


Aspiring matchmakers begin by filling in the names and email addresses of the potential pair they have in mind, along with a brief explanation as to why the two should meet.


Inlovia then sends an email to both parties, informing them that their friend wants to introduce them to someone.


Each member of the potential pair has 20 days to accept or refuse the request. If they both accept, they receive each other’s email address for further contact.


The user behind the matchmaking can even follow a personal link to see if both people accepted.


In the world of online dating, using friends’ recommendations to match people up could be the competitive edge you need to establish a niche within the market. What other innovations could be incorporated into the realm of online romance?

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