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Malan Dimopoulos

It’s not every day that a start-up will have the courage to tackle industry heavyweights head-on. But Malan Dimopoulos is doing exactly that with the Outback Chip Company.


The business makes potato chips in a variety of niche flavours – but with a twist. Dimopoulos uses native Australian produce, leveraging the demand for locally-produced food with the mainstream appeal of the potato chip.


“Native Australian produce/flavours are attractive to a niche market,” he says. “I want to introduce our produce to the everyday mainstream consumer.”


The biggest challenge, he says, is knowing that the market is dominated by not just one, but two multi-million dollar companies, one of which is American-owned.


However, he believes that, “if you’re passionate, believe in your product, and let your potential customers know this, they too will believe in you and give you a shot.”


It seems to be working. Outback Chips products are stocked in 7-Eleven stores and on Virgin Airlines. And although Dimopolous is chasing success, he says the best part about starting his business has been the freedom “not to answer to anyone” in order to spend time with his young family.

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