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Daniel Tapper

Ten years ago, Daniel Tapper was an eager marketing and business law graduate.


The job market “wasn’t great at the time”, according to Tapper, but he did manage to snare a job as an employment consultant at a recruitment firm.


Based in Perth, he dealt with many clients in the resources industry and quickly gained an appreciation for the complexities involved in keeping the booming industry’s many cogs and wheels turning.


He noticed segments of the market were being underserviced. In the spirit of canny entrepreneurialism, Tapper moved to exploit that gap and founded Pearl Recruitment Group from his home office with $20,000 in savings and a desire to do things differently — possibly even just a little better.


He says established recruitment firms often have little time for clients and positions they don’t see as big money earners: “So we took on a ‘no job’s too small’ attitude; if you need someone to cover reception for a week, we approach that assignment in the same way we approach any other job.”


Pearl Recruitment soon earned a reputation as a can-do company that followed through on its promises.


“If we do the right thing by our clients on the small jobs, we will sooner or later get the bigger jobs as well,” Tapper says, explaining his company’s philosophy.


And the small jobs soon became bigger ones.


The company grew quickly and Tapper soon moved out of home and into an office he shares with five full-time staff members.


“At times it is hard to believe how fast the company has grown and is continuing to grow in a highly competitive market.


“It has also been very rewarding to see our new recruiters develop from being fresh-faced graduates keen to learn, to now successfully running their own recruitment desks and also achieving well financially as a result of the success of their work and Pearl.”


Pearl Recruitment specialises in recruiting professional, permanent and contract personnel for the engineering, environmental science and geology sectors.


It offers clients a range of recruitment solutions ranging from paid advertisements, headhunting, labour hire, split-fee payments and payroll only solutions. It also provides clients with free of charge, independent salary surveys and a consulting service that looks at an organisation’s recruitment strategies and ways to improve efficiency and cost per hire.


“We act professionally, ethically and honestly at all times and most importantly work in the best interests of our clients. We are looking for long-term business success and will never sacrifice our integrity for a quick sale.”

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