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Tech trend for online security

Tech trend for online securitySoftware maker AVG is testing a new anti-virus program called AVG Threat Labs. The program connects with the existing LinkScanner software, and allows users to gain information about a URL by simply typing the address in a search bar.


The Threat Labs program provides users with a safety analysis of the website they enter, including detection statistics, a detection timeline, an analysis of linked sites and other information on safety.


While the Threat Labs feature is only available on a beta format, the introduction of such software should serve as a warning for start-ups – plenty of websites are dangerous and shouldn’t be opened. With so much spam flooding inboxes with dodgy links, entrepreneurs need to be wary they don’t open a website accidentally without checking out whether it’s safe or not.


If you see a URL in an email message, be wary and don’t visit the site unless you recognise the address.


There are plenty of anti-virus programs you can use that actually stop you from visiting dangerous sites. AVG, Symantec and Norton are some of the main providers, but there are also free firewalls like ZoneAlarm that keep your computers protected from harm.

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