RazorPit keeps you looking sharp – StartupSmart

A device called the RazorPit helps users save money on disposable razors by cleaning the razorblades.


RazorPit is a rubber device that rids used razors of residue, which makes them feel “blunt”.


“Some people can spend upwards of $300 a year throwing out blades once they think they’re at the end of their life,” the company says.


“However, this blunt feeling is simply due to hair and shaving lubricant being stuck beneath the blades and all it really needs to last longer is a good clean.


“The RazorPit’s sturdy thermo-plastic elastomer material provides friction as well as a soft-textured surface, allowing the blade to glide over it easily and remove any residue – the shaver is like new again.”


Consumers are always looking for ways to prolong the life of everyday items, so any help you can offer is bound to be welcomed with open arms.


Can you think of any devices similar to the RazorPit?

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