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Recruitment Coach – StartupSmart

Paula Maidens

Small businesses often complain that they don’t have the time or expertise to manage complicated human resources laws.


Enter Recruitment Coach, which provides SMEs with access to expert HR support, removing the need for pricier in-house advice.


Maidens says after working as a director of a global recruitment firm, she saw first-hand how many small businesses struggle to recruit the right people.


“After finding our niche, Recruitment Coach was created to empower businesses to manage their own human resources by providing affordable and effective recruitment and HR advice, support, tools, and strategies.


“We take proven human resources strategies from corporate environments and simplify them, so that every business can access affordable and effective people processes. We then tailor those concepts to suit each client, as we understand that what works for one business does not work for all. “


The company works with companies on a short and long-term basis, and also has an online subscription portal for members to access tips and tools at any time of day.


Maidens says the decision to start her own business was motivated by doing something she felt passionate about.


“My experiences working with a recruitment agency were great, but I wanted to do something different that would also have a unique selling point.


“After discussing my dreams with everyone that would listen, my brother made the suggestion to ‘take your experience and turn it on its head’, by helping businesses to not use recruitment agencies.


“From there, the idea of selling information started and grew from there. We now offer coaching, consulting and an online information tool for businesses to learn how to recruit and retain their staff effectively.”


As with any start-up, hurdles and obstacles have been numerous, but the toughest was what to call the business.


“The most challenging part of starting the business was choosing a name!”

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