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Bryan Matthews
Founders: Bryan Matthews and Greg Matthews
Revenue: $655,000
Started: 2009
Head Office: Victoria
Employees: 6
Industry: Property and business services
Bryan Matthews
Bryan Matthews

Few people would ever consider starting a high rise ropes business, let alone be able to brave the sheer heights faced daily, but Bryan Matthews was inspired by his own passion for rock climbing.


“I enjoyed rock climbing as a hobby and became interested in completing difficult tasks in an unusual environment. The challenge drives my team as well as the variety of work we do,” Bryan says.


The company was only founded in 2009, but it offers 15 years of combined experience in a wide range of industries such as height safety and twin-rope access, aerial ropeway maintenance and rescue and high angle rescue.


It offers a variety of services such as rigging work, structural inspection and maintenance of ropes and high rise window cleaning.


The Rope Pro team can also abseil from buildings and bridges to access difficult environments.


The company cost $5,000 to start and the founders own 50% of the company.


Bryan says Rope Pro is distinguished from the rest of the market because they do not rely on costly overheads such as eliminating scaffolding, cranes and elevated work platforms.


Bryan says the greatest challenge in establishing the business was getting the name out to potential clients.


From this experience he says he learnt the importance of hard work.


“Work hard, do what you say you’re going to do, be honest and set a high standard of professionalism,” he says.


He says the name is now recognised throughout the rope access industry “for professionalism, safety, honesty and reliability”, but it’s the company’s growth rate which is most remarkable.


“We have doubled our gross income every year since we have started and continue to be growing as a company in general,” Bryan says.

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