Six online strategies to get new customers – top advice from the StartupSmart Award achievers – StartupSmart

When it comes to growing your startup’s customer base there is no one-size-fits-all approach.


The strategy and considerations vary according to what market you’re in, your budget and ultimately the profile of your prospective clients.


For example, there’s no point spending hours developing a social media presence when your target audience is not there. What we can do though is learn from those who are getting it right and extrapolate their success to our situation.

The StartupSmart Awards 2014 celebrated the best achievements in Australia’s startup sector. It was not just the winners, but the entrants also all showed sophisticated approaches to acquiring new customers.


In this free eBook: Six online strategies for customer acquisition – the StartupSmart Awards 2014 high achievers reveal how they do it, you will learn about their approaches to:


  • Digital advertising
  • Acquisition cost
  • Word-of-mouth- marketing
  • Social media
  • Customer rewards and referral programs
  • Content marketing

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